As one who worked very closely with Katie when she was a science communication fellow at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), I strongly recommend her as a seasoned medical writer capable of addressing all genres in this field. OIST is a very interdisciplinary research institution with over 800 faculty members, graduate students, and staff combined from approximately 50 different countries and regions around the world. Katie came to our university with her expertise in biological sciences, and immediately pursued stories that took her into physics labs, a robot room, or a laser facility. Not many people have the talent to turn a highly technical science paper into a well-written, interesting read like Katie can. While interviewing and writing articles for various scientists, Katie developed a strong interest in medical writing. This field requires both a basic understanding of how our body works and good writing skills, which Katie certainly has!

~Kaoru Natori, Manager and Press Officer, Communications Dept, OIST

Katie was a joy to work with and she made a significant contribution to the university with her finely crafted, accurate and above all, readable, science stories. Katie is completely dependable and needs no supervision. She always meets deadlines and produces work with a smile and self-assurance. In the sometimes highly pressurized environment of publishing, this is a very valuable attribute.

Katie has an excellent background in science, she has a doctorate in Biochemistry, and demonstrated her ability to write on subjects as diverse as marine biology and quantum physics. In fact our university owes Katie, as one of her stories was picked up and adapted by “The Economist” creating worldwide publicity.


I am very happy to recommend Katie Estes.

~Neil Calder, VP Communications, OIST